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An xpod is an e-cigarette that looks like a flat stick. The simplicity of an xpod from ePuffer or another reliable manufacturer makes it suitable for beginners as the company claims. All kits come with extra pre-filled Nic-Salt cartridges in different flavors. However, you can still purchase the xpod and pods separately.

If you’re new to vaping and thinking, start with an xpod. There are a number of points to consider. Here, ePuffer offers top tips that you can use to make the right decision before, during and after your purchase. Most importantly, your vaping experience will definitely be enhanced, says ePuffer.

Fantastic design

As mentioned earlier, an xpod looks like a flat stick, but the design changes slightly according to the manufacturer. Some are made of embossed metal and then painted in different colors like blue, red or black.

They have a cap to cover the mouthpiece for both hygienic and aesthetic reasons. All of the designs are very portable as you can just put the device in your pocket and go.

Getting started is easy

The xpod is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is assemble the pre-filled pod, and voila, it’s ready for a tie. You can also refill your cartridge by carefully removing the rubber cap at the top and reinserting it when refilling.

Most xpods have some indicators that will let you know when they are on or when the battery is low. All kits come with a manual to get you started. They are worth reading to avoid disappointment.

The hit is just perfect

If you’re using an xpod from ePuffer, expect a smooth pull and throat flap too. Pre-filled bowls have a nice salt that is perfectly balanced, unlike using other types of e-liquid, according to ePuffer. However, once you know how to perfect your e-liquid, you will get a hit that is just perfect for you.

As mentioned earlier, xpods have preset settings that are standard. Manufacturers like ePuffer invest a lot to ensure users get a hit that doesn’t irritate their taste buds and lungs.

Common flavors

According to the ePuffer xpod review, there are roughly six common flavors that users can enjoy when purchasing the kit. All are designed for beginners, but experienced users can enjoy them too.

Smokers looking to try something new have smoke-hardened tobacco and butterscotch tobacco flavors to make the transition easier. There is also a menthol flavor that is suitable for anyone who wants something calming and cool to begin with.

For fruit lovers, it’s a good idea to try the double apple, double mango, or lemon citrus, says ePuffer. All of these flavors are available in pre-filled pods.

Charging the batteries is easy

The nice thing about using the ePuffer xpod is the USB-C charging port. This makes it easy to charge with your laptop, power bank, or phone charger. The device comes with a cable to make charging easier. Although the device is small, it has a powerful 375 mAh battery that will last all day. Research has shown that the battery lasts a little longer than other e-cigarettes on the market.


The above findings are intended to help users make an informed purchasing decision for the iPod and get the best vaping experience, says ePuffer.


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