The Shimmy Hand Sanitizer is a design-forward approach to household utensils


Frequent hand washing is always a must. The past year has shown us the importance of being careful when coming and going, as germs can easily spread inside and outside the home. Whether you’re worried about public spaces, the school year is fast approaching for your kids, receiving guests, or walking back to the office, there are so many strangers. We are sure that you can feel safe and at peace in your home key. And it becomes a lot easier to do in style.

Enter Shimmy, the slim hand disinfectant dispenser that blends in with any aesthetic. The brand launched today brings functionality, style, sustainability and cleanliness to your home. “I wish I could have had these products all along, but the experience of watching single-use plastic build up during COVID catalyzed that vision from idea into reality,” explains founder Ashley Wayman. “My hope for the introduction is that we can start moving the hand sanitizer story from one that is about killing germs and being cold and sterile to one that is about living life enable us to love (mess and everything!) values. ”

While washing your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds is the best way to say goodbye to germs, using hand sanitizer is a must in your daily routine. The shimmy actually compliments the personal style of your home without the need for yellow warning labels. Place the modern dispenser on a flat surface, like your cosmetic mirror, or mount it on the wall next to the front door.

“Shimmy products can be styled to blend in when they blend in, stand out when they’re supposed to be eye-catching, add a splash of color or a friendly ‘hello’,” says Wayman.

The eco-friendly essential is $ 74 and comes in three neutral colors and three scent options for the disinfectant. Your first unit contains your disinfectant cartridge, but when you run out of them you can use them Refill cartridges for $ 18. Each cartridge contains a 70% vegetable ethyl alcohol gel formulation that leaves hands soft and soft not sticky. Shimmy moisturizing disinfectant lasts over 500 cans, which greatly reduces single-use plastic waste. Shimmy Home is particularly plastic and climate neutral as the brand works with Climate Neutral and Plastic Bank to offset our carbon emissions and plastic footprint. Bonus: If you love creativity, Wayman suggests spicing up the Shimmy’s surface with vinyl wallpaper.

Shimmy Home hand sanitizer

Shimmy home

Shimmy Home hand sanitizer

Shimmy home

“It’s so important to me that everyone can experience the joys of everyday life – messy hands, hugs, guests welcome – while being responsible and proud of their home,” says Wayman.

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