smART sketcher® GO!, the portable projector that lets kids create smart art anywhere, nominated for a TOTY Award

NEW YORK , August 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Flycatcher is small but mighty smART sketcher® GO!, empowering kids to draw like the smartest artists wherever they are has been nominated as a finalist for this year’s TOTY Awards. Expanding on the fun of the award-winning smART sketcher® projector, this portable drawing tablet combines hands-on play with technical innovation, encouraging creativity and fine motor skills while embracing STEAM learning and 21St century technology. That WALK! has already received a Mom’s Choice Awards Gold Seal.

That smART sketcher® GO! is a perfect pastime to while away the time in cars, airplanes, waiting rooms and restaurants. Children use the included cartridge to project images onto paper and follow step-by-step drawing instructions. With a free app, they can also project any image from their smart devices to create unlimited custom drawings. Light but sturdy, the WALK! folds quickly for carrying in a backpack or tucking into a seat back. A built-in storage drawer can hold extra paper, drawing materials, and finished artwork. The projector contains no cables to tangle and no annoying noise. In addition to the included 50 ready-to-use activities and papers, the WALK! is conveniently compatible with all smART sketcher® Projector 2.0 cartridges. Additional cartridges, paper and drawing tools are available to extend the fun. smART sketcher® GO! is recommended for children aged 5 to 105 years. It is available online at Non-binding selling price is $39.99.

About Flycatcher Inc.

Flycatcher Inc., a technology company founded in 2013, is dedicated to creating engaging experiences for children using new technologies and familiar play patterns. Flycatcher toys incorporate STEAM learning concepts and core curriculum while encouraging creativity, physical ability and emotional intelligence.

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