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Productivity comes to a standstill when your printer runs out of ink. Suddenly, you can’t print out a form or create handouts for a meeting. You can’t even put a “out for lunch” sign on your door when your printer is empty, and it never feels the same to scribble the same thing on a sticky note.

How Much Do You Really Pay for Ink?

As much as you need your printer to get the ink for it, it can feel like an excessive price. There was even a point when people bought new printers when they ran out of ink because it was cheaper than buying branded ink.

However, you don’t always have to buy a new printer every time you need new ink. You also don’t have to buy ink from your printer’s manufacturer, which usually costs much more than other compatible ink options.

If you want to save money while your printer continues to output pages, get your printer ink from 4inkjets. This is the best way to find affordable, compatible ink for your printer without paying an inflated price for branded ink.

4inkjets offers cartridges that are suitable for common and unusual brands: Brother, Epson, Konica, IBM, Xerox and many more. This includes the printers in your office building that make thousands of copies every day, or the family printer that you only use for tax papers and homework.

If you only top up your own printer three times a year it can still be $ 60 or $ 120. And that’s only for black ink. If you want color ink too, double that price. In most states in the United States, that’s what you would spend on your water bill for a full year.

What you get from 4inkjets

The printer ink you get from 4inkjets works just as well as expensive branded ink, but you get it cheaper and you have a lot more options. All you have to do is visit 4inkjets’ website, select the make and model of your printer, and then select one of the inkjet cartridges on offer. You can find compatible options and even OEM selections (if you still want to buy from your printer’s manufacturer). In fact, these inks are manufactured in the same or similar facilities as branded inks, but are supplied at a lower cost.

Get fast free shipping from 4inkjets on purchases over $ 50. And $ 50 is a long way to go when you buy ink that isn’t artificially raised in price. 4inkjets also offers easy returns in case you buy the wrong ink cartridge for your printer.

Save printer ink with 4Inkjets

You don’t have to pay ridiculous prices to get high quality ink. Compatible private label inks are as good or better than what you would get from a manufacturer. Printers control so much productivity that many people don’t want to take any chances when buying new ink. Fortunately, 4inkjets is a trusted source of printer ink with hundreds of positive reviews.

Get the ink you need fast from 4inkjets. Today you pay up to 95% less than the branded version!

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