Printer ink is overpriced. This alternative brand of ink makes printing affordable.


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Whether you have an inkjet printer at home or a laser printer in the office, printing costs add up quickly. Especially when you consider that the average cost of replacing a set of cartridges is well over $ 100, and replacing them often costs more than the price of the printer itself.


If you’ve ever wondered why printer ink costs so much, you are not alone.

Here’s the not-so-secret short answer: printer manufacturers make the bulk of their money from ink. With research and development, technology costs, and a huge marketing budget in mind, big printer brands have to make a profit somewhere, and that’s what they do with their ink. In fact, many big brands are selling their printers at a loss just to make up for the difference in cartridge sales.

Fortunately, alternative printer cartridge distributors like 123Inkjets exist to change the narrative.

Instead of forcing a business owner to drop an arm and a leg on toner or printer ink, 123inkjets offers a high quality alternative with world class printing results that rival the branded brand. Sold online only, 123inkjets cartridges are proudly manufactured by LD Products, a leading California-based alternative inks provider that has helped customers save thousands on ink and toner for 22 years.

And they do it with an insanely simple process. Whether your printer is an HP, Canon, Epson, or any other major brand of printer, go to the 123inkjets website, choose the exact cartridge your printer needs, and then see the price of the compatible cartridge under the banner of LD Products.

Sometimes you save $ 7. Or $ 20. Or more. 123inkjets carries high quality printing accessories in the lowest possible price, especially for wholesale sales. Purchasing to replenish your company’s ink supply can save a lot of money, even above the price of a large discount store.

In addition to stocking practically all types of ink or toner cartridges for all major printer manufacturers, 123inkjets’ inventory is also environmentally friendly. The remanufactured ink and toner come from remanufactured print cartridges with remanufactured parts. In this way the cartridge is like the big brand alternative, but recycled. It helps shorten the cycle of cartridge waste while it is too saves buyers a ton of money.

In addition to the already heavily reduced price, 123inkjets users can also get an additional 18% discount on your toner and ink cartridge requirements now thanks to this offer. And since shoppers get free shipping for orders of $ 55 or more, business owners and office managers can add more in one fell swoop, save a lot of money, and stop thinking about printer ink for a very, very long time.

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