Positive Pressure Manifold improves reproducibility and reliability of SPE Labmate Online

Waters Otto SPEcialist Positive Pressure Manifold is a software-controlled, semi-automated system that allows users to program pressure profiles for more reliable and repeatable solid phase extraction methods. Controlled by a connected tablet, the easy-to-use software allows the same method to be used across multiple days, users, labs, or assays, eliminating the variability of manual extraction systems. By automating SPE’s various printing applications, Otto helps laboratories achieve higher overall efficiencies and is useful for a variety of pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, food and beverage, and environmental applications.

  • The Waters Otto SPEcialist Positive Pressure Manifold minimizes user-to-user variability and improves analyte recovery reproducibility
  • The semi-automated system improves SPE workflows and enables successful method transfer by automating an important aspect of sample processing
  • Otto SPEcialist simplifies method development for a variety of applications
  • The Otto SPEcialist system is compatible with a variety of sample plates, including Waters 96-well plates and larger 1cc, 3cc, and 6cc cartridges to easily scale methods as needed.

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