Office | How does technology help hybrid work with productivity?

Life is remote work and the new challenge is to maintain productivity from home. Hybrid work modalities brought many benefits to workers and many people chose to set up a home corner in the office space to perform their duties in the most efficient way.

at the time of To work from homeCreativity focuses on innovative mechanisms, various consumables, devices and technical services that contribute to improved performance, without neglecting the performance, profitability and productivity expected in traditional everyday life. In this context, Epson, a technology leader, offers printing and scanning solutions to optimize the mobility of working at home.

Organization is key to mobile working life, and in an environment of ever-increasing prices, cost-effective printing with EcoTank inkjet devices is becoming an important tool. It also eliminates the need for recurring purchases of cartridges, which is even more expensive, as this line allows savings of up to 90% for refillable ink bottles.

Within the EcoTank printer family, the L3250 model features a compact design that optimizes space and allows for easy ink level viewing. The device has a Wi-Fi connection and voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. For faster and mobile printing, it is also compatible with the Epson Smart Panel, the application that allows you to manage printers from your mobile phone. permitted.

The app allows you to print from popular cloud services such as iCloud, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive, offers assistance in case of problems with the printer and has an innovative and customizable interface that ensures that its functions are most useful are easily accessible.

Although physical documents facilitate organization in hybrid work, today it is extremely useful to digitize them to share them online, present them in video calls or keep them registered on a server. To that end, the EcoTank L4260 MFP features a color CIS line-scan flatbed scanner, ideal for organizing work files and reducing printing costs.

While hybrid work has some advantages, for those of you who have children, focusing can be a challenge. As a solution to this new problem, the EcoTank 4FUN comes along to keep the little ones entertained and offers a variety of printable color themes for EcoTank printers. This creative project aims to stimulate creativity and provide a fun time at home.

Hybrid work and home office modalities are here to stay, and thanks to technology, there are plenty of tools to maintain productivity and create a great home work environment. Epson wants to support its customers on this new path with its powerful solutions.

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