G&G Reborn Secret’s Out: 100% Reman toner powder?

On April 21, G&G announced its industry-leading remanufactured solution for use in copiers, G&G Reborn. G&G Reborn has OEM genes, offering an OEM-like printing experience and quality but without the OEM price tag.

You may be wondering why G&G Reborn uses remanufactured toner powders. Watch this video, Veronica from G&G Print Lab has the answer to your question.

As mentioned earlier, large users of copiers have extremely high demands on product quality. Unqualified toner powders have larger particles and less roundness than the OEMs, which can result in:

  1. Background, vertical lines, streaks, fusion, or other printing issues.
  2. Wear of key components
  3. Damage and soiling of copiers

If you choose G&G Reborn, you choose 100% remanent toner powder. Don’t let unqualified toner powder ruin your printouts and copiers.

G&G Reborn remanufactured cartridge for use in Ricoh is available!

Ricoh MP C2003/2004/2503/2504
Ricoh MP C3003/3004/3503/3504
Ricoh MP C4503/4504/5503/6003/6004
Ricoh IM C3000/C3500
Ricoh IM C4500/C5500/C6000

More technical details on G&G Reborn coming soon!

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