Epson programs end-of-life for some printers, citing risk of ‘ink spills’ – OSnews

You have a perfectly working Epson inkjet printer in your home office. It has served you well for years and you use it frequently. Then one day you go to print a document and find that the printer is not working. A message on the display reads “a part in your printer has reached the end of its life. Service is required.”

That’s funny you think. You didn’t notice anything with your printer before this message appeared. The device worked well and the print quality was fine. If nothing was broken why do you suddenly get this message?? More importantly, how do you get rid of it so you can keep using your printer?

This should be absolutely criminal behavior. If there was ever an industry that could use a worldwide judicial scrutiny and investigation, it’s printer manufacturers. They employ and get away with so many clearly fraudulent business practices.

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