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CHENNAI: A gang of 12 people who ran a fake call center in Thirumullaivoyal and cheated people of their money by offering fast online loans at low interest rates during the pandemic were blown up by the central bank’s anti-bank fraud wing on the Crime Branch Tuesday.

Many people do not have a clue about this type of loan. It is easy to get if you know what to ask and how to go about it. Some will need a down payment, while others may be paying off a big debt.

According to sources, the main defendant, Gopi Krishnan, 30, from Villivakkam, was arrested last year on similar charges and detained under Goondas Law. “However, he was released on bail a few months ago after a court overturned his detention. We thought he wasn’t going to resume the fake call center and scam people. But he resumed the cheating with a different group of employees, ”said one police officer.

Commenting on the way they work, one executive said, “The call center staff would call people and offer them loans at very low rates. They would say the loans would be arranged within five minutes and that the borrowers could repay after the pandemic ended.

After convincing people, they asked for an amount of money as a guarantee or GST so they could approve the loan. After receiving the money, the callers would turn off their cell phones. “The fraud came to light after a Selvaraj lost 1.5 lakh that he had paid as a guarantee for a 9 lakh loan. Selvaraj complained to CCB, whereupon a team raided the call center and arrested the gang.

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