Loan for establishing and developing a company – trust the specialist!

Financial adviser Mirosław Baran enjoys an unblemished reputation among his existing clients. Kolbuszowa loan, Good Credit loan, Krakow loan – location does not matter to him.

The benefit of the recipient and care for his budget are important. It should be added that Mirosław Baran deals not only with individual but also corporate clients.



Good Credit loan is in many cases just the only chance to start your own business. Purchase or rental, followed by renovation of the headquarters; supplying equipment and materials needed for work – setting up your own business is a bottomless financial well.

However, with the development perspective and the awareness that even the best business does not bring huge profits at the beginning, credit should be taken with caution. Therefore, one should pay attention to the installment amount and additional costs borne by the borrower.

If banking is definitely not your field, because you are afraid of long-term contracts and legal tricks, then the help of a specialist will be invaluable. Financial Advisor Mirosław Baran will guide you through a complicated process.

Start loan – what is needed?


To be able to apply for a loan for a company starting its business on the market, several documents must be presented. The Total Money portal indicates those that are repeated in almost every bank branch:

  • certificate of non-arrears with payments to ZUS and US,
  • business plan of the enterprise,
  • entry in the business register,
  • certificate of loan collateral, e.g. real estate mortgage.

The Good Credit loan is not only at the beginning of its operations


It is worth noting that corporate loans are not only granted to start-up companies. On the contrary – those that have been on the market for several years and can boast of financial liquidity will sooner receive money.

An interesting form of financing the needs of entrepreneurs is also leasing Good Credit. Car, office equipment or transport fleet – solutions proposed by banks for leasing allow you to save really large sums.

Business loan from an expert

Regardless of whether you are just planning to start your own business or you need additional money for the development of the company, it is worth reporting to an experienced expert. Mirosław Baran is a financial advisor with many years of experience.

Good Credit loan for start-up or investment loan have no secrets for him. Mirosław Baran successfully operates both in Kolbuszowa and the surrounding area, as well as in Good Credita and Kraków. In other cities, he cooperates with trusted people who are always happy to help.

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